Meet Betina

Betina Frisone is a conscientious and highly-skilled language professional with over 25 years of experience. Betina has a truly unique background — raised, educated and with extensive work experience in both the U.S. and Mexico. Families that migrate from one country to another generally do so once, relocating in their new country permanently; Betina’s experience was quite different, in that her family relocated multiple times between the U.S. and Mexico, for several years at a time, before finally setting her own roots down in Chicago to start a family with her husband. This richly diverse experience provided Betina with a strong foundation in colloquial, business, legal, technical, and medical terminology as well as cultural awareness.

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Betina started her career in Mexico City in the mid-70s, working in government, in the legal field, and in business, gaining extensive experience in translation between Spanish and English, as well as interpretation. While working for the Mexican federal government, she translated foreign commercial and financial documentation and communiqués. Betina later translated patent applications, transfer of technology agreements, and collaborated on the translation into English of the Mexican Law on Inventions and Trademarks, while working at a law firm.

By the 80s, Betina returned to Chicago, where she continued to gain experience in the legal, business and healthcare industries. Her translation and interpretation work included more and more employee relations meetings and presentations, communications materials, as well as investments and benefits-related work.

While working in Downtown Chicago, she met her husband, Joe. They raised their two daughters, Monica and Maria, in the Northwest suburbs. Joe and Betina moved their family to the Southwestern U.S. in 2006, making Phoenix their new home.

With a firm commitment to deliver the best quality work, Betina continuously hones her interpretation and translation skills. Most recently, she completed:

Latest development:

At the November 13, 2010 meeting of the Arizona Translators & Interpreters, Inc., Betina became the newly-elected president of ATI, an organization committed to the education and professional development of translators and interpreters, and Arizona’s diverse communities. She is serving as ATI’s president thru 2012.