Printer’s Proof

To writers of English or Spanish text:
Let me take one last look before it’s published!

Spell checkers are invaluable, but they don’t catch everything even when we remember to use them.

When you’ve been writing and editing, then formatting, then editing some more… you might be so close to the project that you miss certain details. Those minor details, like using it’s in place of its, impact your credibility in a big way.

True example:
Saw recently a designer’s website offering to design your stationary. Oops!
Proper word in this case: stationery.
Hint: Ending with ary = as in stay in place; with ery = as in letterhead.

Before you publish your blog entry or you give the final OK to your printer, I will be happy to give your materials the once-over. Don’t let a misplaced apostrophe get in the way of your success!

Contact me today via email or by phone: 480-286-4885