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Before We Begin

This is some of the information we’ll need before starting on your translation or review project:

  • Source text format  The original document is in which format?
    Hard copy/paper, Word file, PDF, dictation tapes, etc.
  • Delivery format  In which format will you need the completed project?
    Hard copy/paper, a Word file, PDF, etc.
  • Required timeframe  Please note that all projects are handled diligently.
    If you require faster service than the standard turnaround, a surcharge for rush service may apply, which depends on the size and nature of the materials, and the degree of rush required.
  • Delivery method
    Email, fax, overnight courier, hand-delivery, pick-up?


Information that will help ensure the best results for your translation or review project:

  • Purpose  Is this a product manual?
  • Audience  Will it be used in foreign markets or for Spanish-speakers in the U.S.?
  • Terminology base Any existing glossaries or prior translation work that need to be followed?
  • Agreement  You will receive a confirmation of the work request detailing your project’s specific terms, along with agreed-upon payment terms, to ensure your needs are met.


Payment Terms

  • All payment terms are agreed upon before work begins.
  • Invoice payment is due upon delivery, unless other arrangements are agreed to in advance.
  • For larger or longer-term projects, partial payments may be due at the project’s start and at various intervals throughout the project timeframe. Such billing arrangements would be agreed upon in advance and are dependent on the type and size of the project. In any case, final payment is due upon delivery.